About Us

 “I believe it is generally agreed that there is no finer place along the entire Atlantic coast for engaging in fishing than Ocracoke.” Carl Goerch, 1956


Much has changed on Ocracoke since 1956, but fishing still tops the list of favorite sports here. Tradewinds Bait and Tackle is located on Ocracoke, the southernmost island in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Ocracoke’s location is unique for surf, inshore, and offshore fishing.

Hatteras and Ocracoke Inlets are the closest point to the Gulf Stream on the east coast anywhere north of central Florida. As a result, it’s a short ride to Gulf Stream fishing and warm water eddies up to the beach. Our surf water temperatures are frequently warmer than Morehead City to the south and Cape Hatteras to the north.

Tradewinds Tackle is ready to get you in the water or on  the water where you can cast a line almost year round with success. Alan and Melinda Sutton purchased this Highway 12 island landmark in 2006. They had vacationed on Ocracoke since the 1980’s and Alan has always had a passion for fishing so when the opportunity came their way, they jumped right in. Tradewinds is definitely a family operated business. Alan and Melinda are there to greet you every day 10 months of the year. In the summer, their children, Dylan and Sam often join them in the shop. While Melinda handles the administrative and online aspects of the business, Alan is ready to set you up with the right gear for surf, inshore, and offshore fishing. He can outfit you regardless of your fishing expertise – from entry level to advanced.

The shop carries name brands in rods, reels, and tackle, as well as gear especially designed for this area. They know where and when to go, what bait to use, and all the N.C. Marine Fisheries rules. Tradewinds is an official N.C. weigh station and issues the required fishing licenses. The shop also rents clam rakes, sells crab nets, string and bait, camping supplies, ice, snacks, beach gear, t-shirts, caps and sunglasses.

While early Spring and late Fall hours are usually 8AM to 5PM, they operate Tradewinds from 7 AM to 7 PM from mid-Spring through peak Fall. In the winter, Alan’s phone number is posted on the door when the shop is closed so he is always available. Make Tradewinds your go-to place for all things fishing on Ocracoke.

alan and melinda